KinnishTracks: ‘Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies) by Chris Tomlin and ‘This I Believe’ (The Creed) by Hillsong Worship

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Everytime I get to bridge of ‘Angel Armies’, I always want to sing the bridge of ‘This I believe’. And everytime I sing the chorus of ‘This I believe’, I just want to move into the chorus of ‘Angel Armies’. And when we believe so much in the triune God, what should that make us? I’d say…

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#MusicReview: ‘One Thing’ by Hillsong || What is Your Favourite Hillsong Worship Song?

There’s something magnificent about recording your song live, with the ‘woahs’, giving the audience leeway to echo the track’s passion. This piece over here is my life’s theme song! Nothing could ever be more fulfilling than having a relationship with God and constantly tasting his awesomeness. The lead singer has definitely done so, and this is an addiction with no pain or negative effect.

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#Event: Hillsong London, ‘Touching Heaven’! || Hillsong Coming To Lagos!

There’s nothing more liquid, more palpable than the presence of God!…’Like a fire in my bones, like a whisper to my soul, your word is revelation.’ Nothing makes me feel more alive and excited than getting into God’s presence and receiving His word. It caters to my needs, encourages me, gives me joy and peace.

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