#Thowback #MusicReview: ‘Afurum Gi N’anya’ by Laraa

Laraa throws in beautiful melismas here and there in the second verse, with the digital violin also making its debut. The ‘sltdr’ from the piano takes me back to Chidinma’s ‘Jehovah Overdo’. Actually, it’s the other way round. #checckit! here. Laraa’s vocals are so light and smooth, I bet she has the whistle range…

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#Throwback: ‘What Can I do For You’ by Helen Baylor

Gospel music legends mp3

Baylor’s vocals are strong, robust and delicious, accompanied by crisp and soothing back ups.  The instrumental, which is a mixer of synthesizers, the lead and bass guitars, as well as drums is so yummy, I could almost taste Bob Marley’s ‘No Woman, No Cry’. Enjoying this song is like eating strong meat with the greats…

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