#Event: Rhyme and Reason…December 14th, 2014!

I see spoken word on the radar! If you love spoken word like I do, you’ve gotta be at Rhyme and Reason, featuring Da Truth, Janette Ikz, Ezekiel Azonwu and Lady Million. It’s definitely gonna be explosive! There would also be home grown rappers like Provabs, Rooftop MCs and others.…

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#Event: 8th February, 2013: Love Hope War Tour Hosted by Bouqui, featuring Da Truth

who is bouqui

She certainly took me away with her songs ‘Take You Away’, ‘Morile’ ‘Mo Le Jo’. Utterly Spirit filled, animated and cute, especially when she tried to pull them dance moves, are the words that describe Bouqui!  Awesome music team she had there, with her female drummer wowing us with sizzling beats!

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