#EmphaticMusings: #Prophetiquette: How to Receive your Healing by Force!

How to manifest what you want

One of the ways to frame your subconscious is through confessions, through saying what you want to see. You can build your confessions through scripture. You could get scriptures on the subject of healing, a ginormous number, like 70 or 100. You can get them quickly through google. And with that you have a lot of material. You have a lot of data to use to frame your confessions…

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#MusicReview: ‘In You’ by Sopriye Beverly

Singers vocalists in lagos naija nigeria

It is almost like every line climaxes on its own. Sopriye’s vocals are so fluid, delicious and easy to follow. She does have an extensive vocabulary of riffs and runs that are neither obtrusive nor overpowering in any way, but at the same time are very correct and authoritative. Everytime I think of her vocal dexterity, I think of the scripture…

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#MusicReview: My Favourite Versions of ‘Lift Every Voice and Sing’ Circa Kim Weston, as well as by Brandon Camphor and Oneway

Kim Weston’s vocalising on D major has a reggae flavour, much like Bob Marley’s. Her intense vibrato throbs and pulsates through all three verses of the anthem. Weston indeed growls with heavy passion, in complement to the chimes of the organ, which is also intensified with the bass as the song fades out. My favourite notes are do ‘Do re me se la’ at ‘facing the rising sun’. I love how her voice bounces off the time signature as the…

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