#Prophetiquette #Review: 5 Lessons from the Movie ‘Prophet Suddenly’

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Prophet Suddenly follows the story of Michael, a disillusioned media practitioner who had to close down his church because of financial problems. In a moment of foolishness and amazement at a mystery revealed by a familiar spirit, Miokikusheshe, who also has a human body, he gives into sexual sin.

Shortly after, the spirit terrorises him, but when he goes to his office, the spirit also reveals a mystery about a theft at work. This is a lightbulb moment for him, which catalyses into rebranding his ministry as a prophetic one, with his work sidekick, CK.

Michael gains local recognition as well as financial support from a regional politician, but he wants more. His sidekick suggests he pallies up with another pastor under the guise of spirtual father-sonship, with a bribery element. He attempts to bribe Apostle Arome Osayi, who politely refuses the bribe, but also leaves the door open for mentorship. Michael feels embarassed at the Apostle’s refusal, and summons Miokukusheshe to avenge him by giving him more powers. Miokukusheshe recognises the apostle’s sonship and orders Michael to stay away from him, but also assures him of his increased power at the cost of human blood. Michael of course, distractedly accepts the conditions without full knowledge of the which human it is.

The next day, Michael’s son drops dead, and a bus containing members of his church is involved in a ghastly motor accident. Michael is distraught and asks Miokukusheshe to reverse the death of his son, which she can’t. Utterly sad and alone, as his wife has also left him, Michael is seated in Apostle Arome’s church. Arome counsels Michael on the right mindset for ministry, and can sense that a strange spirit is with Michael, which he casts out. Arome asks Michael to give his heart completely to the Lord before it is too late, but Michael is hesitant and wants to think about it. Michael leaves, and while he is in his car, Miokukusheshe assures him that his sidekick’s death will be the consequence of Michael’s flouting her orders. Michael attempts to collapse time to save his sidekick, CK’s life, by calling him and telling him not to leave his house. He races to CK’s apartment, but is slowed down by traffic. Miokukusheshe is already in his apartment, apparently a booty call CK ordered himself. Miokukusheshe kills CK, but not without scaring him first.

Michael arrives CK’s apartment, but is too late. He summons Miokukusheshe, and this time, he is ready to call their partnership quits, but in actuality, he really wants Miokukusheshe with a side of Jesus. He also attempts to cast her out, but fails.  Miokukusheshe feels used by Michael and slaps him, pronouncing him forever useless. Michael runs mad.


Here are 5 lessons from Prophet Suddenly

1. Never have the ‘I must do ministry at all costs’ mindset. That mindset is easy for the devil to take advantage of and can cause you to make unwise decisions.

Your love for God should be your uttermost priority. Let God’s love lead you. There really is no hurry for ministry. Ambition and status can always find their place in other things. If you are struggling with this in your life, discuss it with God and ask him for wisdom and deliverance. In addition, it may also mean that you do not necessarily have to focus on full time ministry, but should also engage in a secular job.

2. When you have sex with anyone, you get into a covenant with them. Sexual purity is quite important, but sexual acts may be used to service an altar or a covenant, as seen in the case of Prophet Suddenly. His sexual sin, brought the familiar spirit Miokukushehe into his life, and he serviced his weird ministry by sleeping with female members of his church.

3. It is not only christians that can explain mysteries. Familiar spirits can, as well. It is very important to be able to discern the spirit behind a person or a ministry. The bible says ‘Test all spirits’. 1 John 4 NIV says, ‘Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God.’

The operative clause is to test whether they are from God.

4. Do not ignore dreams and visions you have. God revealed unto Michael’s wife, Joy, that he was actually in captivity and was in sexual sin with a woman. Now, her dreams had many sides to them. She was able to investigate and find out the women Michael was sleeping with in church, but she was not able to get to the root cause, which was Miokukusheshe, the power behind her husband’s weird ministry. She ought to have spent a prolonged time in prayer and fasting, but she did not, because she was discouraged by her husband.

5. Do not enable sexual abusers. Joy enabled Michael when she chose to keep the secret of her husband’s sexual abuse, to protect her husband’s weird ministry.  This was despite the fact that she had misgivings about his ministry,  and she knew that his acts were ruining the women’s lives. Exposing such acts of wickedness may seem tough, but it can be done.



I loved this movie, but my only issue was the narrative of Michael’s mother to the man who wanted to go into ministry at all costs. Those things could only have been known by Michael. There were even scenes that had Michael’s wife and her friend, which did not quite fit into the narrative of Michael’s mother’s telling the story.



Laurel Olu-Egbor, Arome Osayi, Ohis Ojeikere, Ola Adene, Anwinli Ojeikere

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