#MusicReview: ‘El Elyon’ by Tim Godfrey


Esther Beneyogo Tim Godfrey


Enjoy “El Elyon” by Tim Godfrey, Xtreme Crew, and Esther Beneyogo.


Esther begins this song in the key of G minor, softly chanting the verses before singing them again with passion and intensity that remind me of Whitney Houston’s in ‘All the Man’. A captivating interlude follows, featuring virtual violins and the bass guitar. The choir joins in with delightful harmonies and dynamic shifts. Tim Godfrey takes his time with the chants, gradually slowing down and adding rallentando for added effect. Another member of the fearless community echoes the song, further enhancing its power. The bass guitar performs a delightful dance towards the end. This song brings to mind the worship of the 24 elders, continuously bowing before God. It’s truly amazing, and it makes me eagerly anticipate heaven.


Worshipping God from the perspective of who He truly is provides an amazing way to access His manifest presence. “Jehovah Mekodishkem” means “the Lord who sanctifies you.” As stated in Exodus 31:13b, God declares, “I am the one who makes you holy.” “El Elyon” refers to the Lord of Heaven and Earth. This emphasizes that true holiness and a sense of sacredness cannot be fully experienced apart from spending time with God. He is the ruler of both heaven and earth.


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