#EmphaticMusings: #Prophetiquette: How to Receive your Healing by Force!

Hey guys, welcome to another episode of Prophetiquette Audio Tips. We might go over one minute. But today, we are going to be talking about healing. Personal healing. How to take your personal healing by force. Have you ever felt ill, meanwhile you have goals? Maybe you were planning to go somewhere in the morning. You just woke up and you were just feeling ill. You couldn’t even just stand up. You couldn’t even she kini, you couldnt even she kini. Like how did you feel? Didnt you feel like it was so inconvenient right? Thats how illness is illness is just like a damper on someone’s day. It’s getting in the way of your plans and ambitions and their goals, your purpose etc. So I want to arm you guys with the tips and tools to heal yourself. When I say heal yourself, I mean receive your healing by force because when Jesus died on the cross of Calvary, all of sin was cancelled. And the bible says by his stripes we were healed. All of that was prophesied before Jesus came and died and made that come true, right? So we are perpetuating what Jesus has done: the healing that jesus has already given us. And I also feel like there are a lot of things to be done in this world. There’s a lot of nation building to be done. And we can’t be praying for nation building when weare not feeling well. So it is important that you take your healing by force, so you would have enough time to work on other things like your person goals and ambition, to fulfil your purpose on the earth, to make someone happy, to make someone glad. To spend tome with your family. So of course, how do you take advantage of personal healing? It is important to believe in healing and thatyou are healed. One of the ways that you know that you truly believe is by your subconscious. How you subconsciously react to things. Just imagine that on another occasion maybe someone asks you something about healing. How do you really react to that question? That would show you how you really feel the concept of healing. If you want to believe for healing, you can’t have been disbelieving healing all your life, then just because you now need it today you now want to start confessing and saying ‘Iam healed’. It’s not gonna happen that way. It doesn’t really work that way. But I’m gonna put a disclaimer here. It could happen actually, because healing is not science. It’s a miracle. But back to the point, you have to really believe with all of your being. So how do you frame your subconscious? One of the ways to frame your subconscious is through confessions, through saying what you want to see. You can build your confessions through scripture. You could get scriptures on the subject of healing, a ginormous number, like 70 or 100. You can get them quickly through google. And with that you have a lot of material. You have a lot of data to use to frame your confessions. For example Malachi 4:2 says ‘But to you who fear My name The Sun of Righteousness shall arise With healing in His wings; And you shall go out And grow fat like stall-fed calves.’
And after that you can also layer those confessions with sensory material. You have your sense of taste, sight, smell, hearing, feeling and cognition. You could say, ‘I fear His name and the Sun of Righteousness has arisen with healing in his wings over me.’ ‘I felt so happy when God healed me.’ ‘I looked at my body and saw that there was no sickness in my body.’ ‘I touched my arm and it was not aching me anymore.’ ‘I looked at the medical scan and there was no tumour. It was illogical and unreal.’ So you are engaging all of your senses in your confessions. And this is the beginning to getting your confessions for healing to work for you. Thank you.

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