#MusicReview: ‘Ruins’ by Mandisa


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Hey guys, I present ‘Ruins’ by Grammy Award wining singer, Mandisa.


Enjoy this pop sound with great acoustics, awesome live music vibe and nice syncopations on A flat major. The piano melody, techno flavour and digital sounds at the beginning remind me of the same in Hillsong’s ‘Open Heaven, River Wild’. The drums come in the second verse, with the accompanying instrumental taking me back to Rita Springer’s ‘Defender’. I like the background vocals matching Mandisa’s energy. Mandisa’s vocals have a slightly operatic flavour and I love how she glides between octaves comfortably in the same musical phrase. 

The drums increase intensity, and then decrescendo as Mandisa goes soft, bringing the piece to al fine. 



God is a healer, rebuilder and restorer and is committed to restoring all that we may have lost The past year has been incredibly life changing for so many people, as a result of different political, social and health issues and challenges faced globally and municipally. This may have caused us to question what God’s plans in all of this.

The truth is that God is always with us. Even if you didn’t see the signs or were not able to avert the misadventures of covid or any national crisis, He is still causing all things to work out for your good (Romans 8:28). It’s just like how God set plans into motion to redeem mankind, right from the garden of Eden. 




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