#Thowback #MusicReview: ‘Afurum Gi N’anya’ by Laraa

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Hey guys!

This is a throwback to an awesome song produced by Wole Oni in 2018. I present ‘Afurum Gi N’Anya’ by Laraa.


Check out a throwback interview with producer, Wole Oni here.


A piano starts this rendition with yummy acoustic reverberations on F major. A digital cymbal comes in before Laraa’s vocals, sonorous, effortless and calm, like the ocean. The acoustic guitar comes in shortly before ‘Age to age you are the same’. There’s a slight AAA BBB rhyme pattern in the first verse.

The bass guitar comes in before the first verse is repeated, the drums follow, as well as panning at the repetition, with Laraa’s voice echoing nicely. There are also ahs and oohs from the back ups, adding verve to the simple yet amazing song. I also love how the back ups echo ‘Furum gi n’anya’ to Laraa’s ‘Afurum gi n’anya’.


Laraa throws in beautiful melismas here and there in the second verse, with the digital violin also making its debut. The ‘sltdr’ from the piano takes me back to Chidinma’s ‘Jehovah Overdo’. Actually, it’s the other way round. #checckit! here. Laraa’s vocals are so light and smooth, I bet she has the whistle range. Her voice gains a bit of a rasp in the first few lines, but it’s still a great delivery all the same.

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The drums grow a notch in intensity after the second verse and the back ups increase their passion, with the harp-esque instrumentation followibg soon after. The chorus then comes in again, with more adlibs from Laraa, her vocals soft and delicious all through, leaving me thirsty for her belt. The piano ends the song with a melody going unto infinity.


There is nothing more awesome than apprehending the love of God! This is a love song to God telling Him that we simply cannot do without Him and that He is in fact our everything.

Is God your everything?


Download the song here!

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