#MusicReview: ‘Everything’ by Ada Ehi

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Hey Guys, I present ‘Everything’ by Ada Ehi.


This song on C major features the digital piano, violins and the acoustic guitar assuring us of God’s peace in the midst of the storm, as Ada Ehi sings the first verse. Ada has an incredibly calming country twang resting on this worshipy pop beat. The song from beginning till the end has a reverberating acoustic element that makes it seem like it was recorded in a hall. The percussion increases slightly in the chorus and gains more standing along with the violins which become a little louder after. The back ups are mellow on this track, but I can hear Ada’s steady focus in every syllable as she keeps hammering on ‘Everything’. It takes me back to Ada’s live rendition of ‘Cheta’ at her London tour.

Adah looks so stunning in white and her golden wings, with the autumn/fall leaves and smoke and golden sand. I love this scene and I would have loved it much more if every other scene matched with the same level in cinematography. The imagery of abduction aptly captures the present day abductions of students in Nigeria, as well as the way of escape.

Ada Ehi download mp3


The words of this anthem are incredibly profound and poetic in their simplicity: waymaker, can you ever lose your way? Truth and life, is it possible for you to lie? Forever the same, can you ever make a mistake. These words remind me of the magnificent person I have as a friend: God. He is everything.

This video also captures the present day abductions of students in Nigeria, as well as shows us that there is a way of escape. Now this isn’t some vague generic ‘God makes a way’ kinda message. He literally opens our eyes to see the way of escape. When Hagar was homeless and stuck in the middle of nowhere with her son, thirsty, God opened her eyes and she saw a well of water (Genesis 21:19).

While we are waiting on an increase in the level of sophistication of our security measures as a nation, we have a God who can make a way for these students to escape their captors. Let us ask God to open their eyes and quicken their hearts to see every way of escape.

This song, which has been a long time coming, clearly shows us that God knew what would happen before hand, and he revealed it to us in plain sight, so we could partner with Him in prayer and with whatever specific instructions He gives us.  He thought of everything. He clearly did not leave us hanging.


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