#NewbieZone #MusicReview: ‘Revival’ by Tori Harper

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When I heard this song, I just thought of Ufedo Ojo and the first time I heard ‘Beautiful Yahweh’ and how much I enjoyed it. Tori Harper has this pure ‘omo olorun l’emi’n se’ energy and I love it.

Enjoy ‘Revival’ by Tori Harper.

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This upbeat pop jam on B major reminds me of happy times showcasing a carnival-esque back drop, and instrumentation laced with millenial coolness. Tori Harper starts the verse on her own with her sweet chest register and then does a response. I love how the back ups sing the bright and happy refrain and vamp with so much energy of camaraderie in Hillsong fashion, as Tori belts nicely and  easily. The production of the song is also chill, evening out all the sounds.

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This song is about a thirst for the zoe: a life of bravery, a life of being led by the spirit, exciting asssignments from God, a life showing the love and power of God, a revived life and so many other awe inspiring things. It takes me back to my early years of christianity of wanting more of God and wanting to impact my environment. The bible says ‘Blessed are those that hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be satisfied’ (Matthew 5:6). If this is your prayer, God has already answered and you will see its manifestation. Be consistent with your thirst for God- study the word, pray and fellowship with God consistently.


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