#MusicReview: ‘We Raise A Sound’ by Nosa, featuring 121 Selah

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From the stables of Salt Music, Nosa brings to y’all ‘We Raise a Sound’, featuring 121 Selah.

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This christian contemporary rock piece on D major starts with notes from the synthesizers and Nosa’s voice singing ‘eh Hallelujah eh’. Drums and back ups take over Nosa’s line as he adlibs the hallelujahs. The drums get more fierce like thunderous rain and everyone is clearly feeling the song, except I wish that the female back ups were stronger.

The refrain changes to ‘Now unto the Lamb upon the throne, we raise a sound’, which reminds me of the melody of Westlife’s ‘Fool Again’. You definitely feel God’s presence as you dive deeper into the rendition, but I have loved more lyrics.

The refrain switches again to ‘For He is worthy to receive glory, honour and praise…’ for a couple of innings, which Nosa adlibs to characteristically, with cool Nigerianness.

The melody then reverts to ehs, with the underlying synthesizers sounding like the one in Hillsong’s ‘Love on the Line’ and the song ends.

I quite appreciate the rock revival sound a lot. But you know what I would love even better? A jazzy revival sound.

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The book of Joshua records the walls of Jericho falling down flat after the Israelites marched around it for 6 days, the priests blew their trumpets and the people shouted at the top of their lungs on the 7th day upon the instruction of the Lord (Joshua 6: 1-27). This story shows us that God responds prophetically when we make a sound in keeping with his instructions.

Psalm 133 talks about the anointing that comes when brothers dwell unity, and the story of Babel shows us that even God cannot stop the work of people when they are united (Genesis 11: 1 – 9). How much more unstoppable would we be when God Himself gives us the instructions!

Do not take for granted every opportunity to praise and worship God individually and also corporately. For therein, instructions from God will flow to show us practical ways to solve any challenges we have.


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