#Throwback: ‘We’re Blessed’ by Fred Hammond

Fred Hammond download mp3


There’s nothing like a throwback jam to get your day or week started! I present ‘We’re Blessed’ by Fred Hammond.


This live jam on E flat with 90s rnb is so popping. Fred Hammond rap sings like the pro that he is. There are so many notes where he growls, adding pizzaz to the piece. The back ups/choir sing with equal zeal, literally infusing motivation into the listener. The drums and some of the notes from the lead guitar remind me of tunes from Atlantic Starr, and the bass and synthesizers do a lot of notes that work up my musical appetite. I love the bridge where the whole piece is transposed and then brought back, and then the chorus is taken acapella, except for the drums. The chorus is then taken again, with the sopranos taking the descant, taking the piece to a whole new level of awesomeness. Fred adlibs his heart out on this piece. And of course, I love when the choir says ‘Oh yeah!’.


No matter what you go through, you are blessed and God has the capacity to turn your situation. Therefore wait on him and proclaim your blessedness!

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