#MusicReview: ‘Olorun Agbaye’ by Nathaniel Bassey featuring Chandler Moore and Oba


There is something always thorough about Nathaniel Bassey’s pieces; always careful that every musical phrase and pause passes on message. There is also something incredibly full about this song, ‘Olorun Agbaye’.

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This ballad starts with noise from rattles, wine pouring from a glass, piano chords and adlibs from Chandler Moore, and Nath, who takes over with ta’s, underneath the instrumentation of violins and cellos on B flat. The musical production of this track gives it great a acoustic live feel. Chandler Moore’s vocal texture adds an interesting element to the first verse and chorus of the song. It sort of reminds me of Cece Winans’ delivery of ‘So give thanks at the rememberance of His righteousness and say’ in ‘Bless His Holy Name’. The lead guitar does a bit of a solo before Nath comes in with the second verse. The chorus is repeated a couple of times before Oba comes on raining stellar panegryics in the yoruba tongue, with every pause in the instrumentation carrying the weight of meaning.


This song literally celebrates the awesomeness of the glorious God that dwells in the heavens!

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