#Prophetiquette, The Series Episode 13: How to Receive Your Healing by Discernment, Coupled with Faith

How to grow your faith


On this episode of Prophetiquette, we will be talking about receiving healing by discernment coupled with faith.

The classic example of this is the woman with the issue of blood. I’m going to say something that is arguable, but it’s just my personal conviction- I’m just partial to prayer and fasting. My conviction is that the woman with the issue of blood was in a state of fasting because she was losing blood every minute.  Usually, every food you eat is converted into nutrients that go into your bloodstream. So, as this woman was losing blood and thus bodily nutrients, and she was praying (persistent situation for 12 years will cause you to pray nonstop), she was in a state of fasting; in the very least, scientifically, if not wittingly as well. So with the prayers and fasting, her discernment was obviously sharpened, and she discerned or caught the revelation that she did not need Jesus to touch her; she only needed to touch the helm of his garment. Her faith was so strong that it happened. That is the end of my story dears.

How to hear from God

What is faith? I intentionally do not want to give a technical definition of faith because I believe faith is so simple, I don’t anybody to think they have to go on an experimental journey to know if they have it or not. Faith is believing what God says or in the very least doing what God says regardless of how you feel. Faith comes by hearing and that hearing is by the word of God. So it means you say a word from the scriptures, and that particular scripture is quickened unto you and you know exactly what to do.

Another word for hearing is discernment. The voice of God is not necessarily heard in the physical sense, but it is discerned. In the same way, when you are believing God for healing, you can pray and fast, and you know what exactly to do. You could even apply this to medicines you are taking that are not working. You can ask God for insight and you would know what exactly to do. This could be such a lifestyle that you don’t have to pray specifically about a particular situation for God to answer, because you pray about everything.

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