KinnishTracks: ‘Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies) by Chris Tomlin and ‘This I Believe’ (The Creed) by Hillsong Worship

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Hey guys, for the longest of time I have always felt ‘Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies) by Chris Tomlin and ‘This I Believe’ by Hillsong sound alike. So, this is a review of both.


Everytime I get to bridge of ‘Angel Armies’, I always want to sing the bridge of ‘This I believe’. And everytime I sing the chorus of ‘This I believe’, I just want to move into the chorus of ‘Angel Armies’. And when we believe so much in the triune God, what should that make us? I’d say fearless!!! 

The long and short of the story is that I think they sound alike.


‘This I Believe’ Live starts on C major with great acoustics and a grand piano. Piano and acoustic guitar chords come in at the chorus as the lead singers gloriously chant what we believe as christians. The drums march in at the second verse. This song is honestly a foreshadow of the amazing heaven and I cannot wait! The drums begin the climax  shortly before the bridge that reminds me of the refrain in ‘Not For a Moment’ by Meredith Andrews. The audience is allowed to take the initial part of another inning of the refrain, which is repeated again and again, causing immense nostalgia for me. It’s like rain. 

‘Angel Armies’ starts with lead guitars and thumps on A minor , the relative of C Major. The chorus comes in magnificent with the acoustar guitar revving up like an engine and the digital piano accompanying it. The acoustic guitar gives an even yummier flavour at the second verse. The quintessential rock awesome bridge adds more fuoco to the piece. Chris Tomlin changes the melody of the chorus slightly at its last inning and it makes me happy. This song is such a delight!


‘This I Believe’ explains all that we believe as christians. The Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus through the seed of God who came to pay the ultimate sacrifice by dying for us. By the viacrious death of Jesus, we have access to his righteousness and a new life in Christ. We have been made one with God through Jesus, so as Jesus is seated on the right hand of God higher than principalities and powers, so are we! We also have heaven to look forward to in actuality!

‘Angel Armies’ talks about the practicalities of having God as our God and our inheritance in Christ. We have all round protection. Not only that, God is our friend. We have strength in the name of the Lord, as well as deliverance. Thus, we do not have anything to fear. By virtue of the fact that we are in God, nothing against us stands.

Now you may say that this is true in theory but sometimes, different things obtain in reality. I’d say this has to do with your belief. We need to take stock of whether we actually believe these things. Confess and meditate on the word of God, which tells you about your inheritance in Christ and you will see these things manifest. 

Don’t give up.


Do you think they sound alike? Let me have your comments!

Y’all betturrr #checckit!

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