#MusicReview: ‘Okay’ by Limoblaze, Featuring Ada Ehi

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Hey guys, I present this smokin’samba track by Limoblaze and Ada Ehi called “Okay”

This song on F sharp major gives me the Sauti Sol ‘Suzanna’ vibe, plus it reminds me of Senegalese percussion with a bit of high life flavour. The beat is popping with a yummy bass and lead guitar instrumentation. I love the expression ‘This love is more than okay’. The vocalisations have an ethnic tinge to it and the yoruba lyrics generally celebrate the love and goodness of God.


There is a lot of Africanness to this video. It showcases the Lekki Ikoyi bridge in all its glory, the greenery and streetness of Nigeria. The vintage yellow car and radio add pizzazz to the video. The fog machine effect as well as the costume from the singer and choreographer also add urbanness to the video. I feel like the cinematography had some over exposure with some make up, but it was all good.


This video celebrates the love and goodness of God in  . I think that is more than awesome. It is such a feel good song.


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