#MusicReview: ‘Healing Power’ by Xolly Mncwango


Hey guys, enjoy this spirit filled live South African flavoured worship piece by ‘ Xolly Mncwnago’, titled ‘Healing Power’.


This song is rendered on E flat major starts with beautiful notes from the grand piano and acoustic guitar. The drums come in after the first refrain. It is a simple chorus, and then lovely harmonies follow. I love the way Xolly adlibs; its makes me feel at home. My favourite line is where she sings ‘My covering is in the blood of Jesus’. The bass does a yummy number on this piece, and the harmonies become more grand as the song progresses. I love how the audience is feeling the song in unison. It’s a lovely spirit inhabited song.


This song talks about healing and saving power coming from the blood of Jesus. Christ redeemed us by His blood (Ephesians 1:7). This salvation (sozo) not only talks about the saving from sin but also saving from disease. This healing is our inheritance in Christ. Now usually the big question is how can this be made real in our lives? This is quite easy. It’s by meditation and confession of scripture that relates to healing. God’s word is basically God Himself (John 1:1), so when you confess His word about your inheritance of healing, you are calling Him up on what He has said in His word.

It is also possible to be healed by the anointing, where the presence of God is made manifest e.g in a meeting where there’s worship or where the presence of God is just…there. But healing by the word is sort of more permanent because it is something that you have meditated on; something that cannot be taken from you. It has moved from your spirit to your mind, and your body should honour the word of God.

When you are trying to effect healing, it is basically your applying a supernatural law to render ineffective a natural law. The law of sickness is obviously real, and I am not trying to advocate no drugs or anything of the sort. Effecting healing is like applying the law of lift to the force of gravity!

That would definitely be awesome!


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