#MusicReview: ‘Dry Bones’ by Nosa

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Hey Guys, I found this amazing song that has a lot of ‘special’ in it. It is full of life, spirit and power. Enjoy ‘Dry Bones’ by Nosa.


This song features African percussive sounds and elements of contemporary rock. It layers on yummy idiophone deliciousness, with the iya ilu or one of her children doing a dance with the bass as well as the acoustic guitar, and digital drums. Nosa’s voice sounds like butter, clothed with poetic lyrics, gradually becoming louder and thicker. I love the juxtaposition of his soft vocals with the digital instrumentation, but I’m curious to see how that would play out with a live rock ensemble as opposed to the purely digital sound. Even the back ups are soft, and then sharp. The contrast of soft vocals with the instrumentation is awesome. It’s like talking to a demon with authority. You don’t have to shout to make your point. Your authority is enough, so you can be as soft as you want to be.

There are panning effects left and right, and the whole production is lovely. At the bridge/towards the end, the lead guitar takes its shine, warming my ears.

My favourite line in this song is every line that ends with the operating clause, “Says the Lord”- These fallen walls will be restored; that which was lost, I will restore; that which was dead will live again. This simply tells you that when you need something, especially where it seems impossible, you need to look for where God has said it and take it back to Him.


The imagery in this song is strong on impossible situations becoming possible (the stone at calvary being rolled away, new life arising from ashes, dry bones rising again) and it is even more striking in the way Nosa vocalises so easily, almost like it is nothing for God to turn impossible situations around. And the only reason these situations turn around is because God, the boss says so. So easy.

I feel like this song has some healing elements. Living water represents the spirit. The spirit of God effects healing as the bible says that the power that raised Jesus from the dead will quicken our mortal bodies (Romans 8:11). It’s quite beautiful to think about. If you have a bone or a neurological condition, renew your faith for God has already done it.


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