#MusicReview: ‘Chinecherem’ by Neon Adejo

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This song reminds me about Nigeria and how God will take us from nothing to amazing places. It is amazingly heartfelt! Guys, I present ‘Chinecherem’ by Neon Adejo.

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This bright, beautiful and heart felt rendition on F sharp major always touches me. I feel like this is my favourite track off the album ‘Tell The World’. This ballad starts with a soft intro made up of the digital piano and violins, with rattles, Neon’s vocals come in with a mix of fire and soul. The drums gradually become more dramatic as Neon matches pitch with himself. The song is backed up by the ‘uhs’ of chorale voices mid refrain, that gradually get louder as they take the chorus with the lead singer. The verse and chorus are repeated so powerfully and emotionally by Neon and the song ends with a beautiful ad lib on the word ‘Chinecherem’.


For a second I thought some parts of this video were shot in the UK because of one of the buildings with brick style architecture. Alas, it was in Lagos, with the cinematography showcasing the amazing Lagos architecture, greenery and really chill beach and lifestyle locations, with choristers adding vivre to them. The video captures the transformed life of the singer, with God changing his life for the better, more than he ever imagined with his calling. It’s the same way that God transforms the images of nations.


The word “Chinecherem” is so life changing, as it means ‘The God who thinks of me’. I think it is important for us to know that God thinks of everyone of us as Nigerians, and He cares. He is moved by the feelings of our infirmities. In as much as we have dreams for ourselves, we should dream for our nation and hold God to His words concerning Nigeria. Let us not give up on praying for Nigeria. We will see a glorious turn around if we do not faint. (Galatians 6:9)



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