#Throwback: ‘How He Loves’ by David Crowder Band


I heard this song first in 2010 and I was just blown away by its awesomeness. It really was my jam, being a rocker girl and all.

In light of the political climate in Nigeria, the recent military intervention in the Lekki protests and the global outcry, I just want to remind everyone that God loves us with all of His strength and that He is not the author of bad things.

Please let us soak ourselves in the music and lyrics of ‘How He Loves’ by David Crowther Band.


This song starts with single acoustic piano and flowy guitar notes on C Major, with the lead singer vocalising ‘He is jealous for me…’ The bass guitar comes in stealthily and deliciously at the lines ‘When all of a sudden, I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory’. Digital violins, lead guitars and drums arrive after the ohs, building the vibrations of the song. This song is further flavoured by rock adlibs, southern phonetics and all round goofyness.

I believe the bridge is everyone’s part, but there’s a twist. After the bridge, the song doesn’t climax to a ‘How He loves us’ in glorious crescendo, but to a solemn ‘How He loves us’ for selah-worthy purposes. This portion is accompanied only by the acoustic guitar. Then there is the loud climax-ful crescendo, with bright lights in the green room, mirroring God’s glory. It’s almost like they are saying, ‘You need to think about how much God loves you by yourself before you take it loudly to the streets!’ The song ends with lead guitars hitting power chords.


This video has an independent, DIY, rocker feel. First, there are different musical instruments in maroon-esque cubicles, with the lead singer coming really close to his camera, singing his heart’s rendition. He then moves through a red walled hallway to to a green coloured room with many more instruments and a live band and they rock on!


Even at this time in Nigeria with the protests and the present resort to violence and stuff, I want you to know that God loves you a lot. None of this is His fault actually, and He is not sitting back oblivious to what you are going through. He is moved by how affected you are by this. He wants to shower you with His love if you would let Him. Don’t push Him away.


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