#Music: ‘Nailed to the Tree’ Acoustic Live Session, by Tribe Music, featuring Sinmidele

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#Hey Guys,

One thing about this year is that it has made me miss and appreciate live music even more. The fact that there were restrictions on gathering made me miss that amazing vibe that comes with jiving to live music with your buds.

Here’s an amazing rendition of ‘Nailed to the Tree’ from the Lavish album by The Tribe Music, featuring Sinmidele. It starts acoustic with minimal percussion, welcoming Sinmidele’s hums and sonorous voice, vocalising about the cross of Jesus, with other members of Tribe music sitting on single sofas and/or playing instruments. The acoustics are thickened with bass as it approaches the refrain. Violins come in at the second verse and add more light to this rendition on D major. The lights in the studio give the recording a super chilled vibe, a lovely juxtaposition to the heartfelt delivery of the song.

The original version on the album is taken by Judah Danjuma on G Major, more techno infused instruments jive.

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There is nothing more awesome than reminiscing on the amazing sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, and now we have 2 versions of this amazing song!


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