#MusicReview: ‘Never Lost’ by Cece Winans

Feel good christian music by Cece Winans


Enjoy thick-with-anointing ‘Never Lost’ by the amazing Cece Winans.

This worship pop beat by Cece always gives me a rush of adrenaline with its beat, energising me with stunning immediacy. It feels like a barrage of glorious waters on D major. The chorus is laced with lovely digital organs and yummy notes from the piano, and the verses have signature hums from Cece, fiery moves from the lead guitar and negro spiritual/baptist vocalisings from the back ups. The climax comes at the bridge when Cece runs an adlib with her highest note.


The lyrics of this piece are gold. My favourite line ‘You are always showing up at the tomb of every Laazrus’ is such a powerful key. It means that God has the capacity to turn around every dead situation. Same with the lines ‘Everything is possible by the power of the Holy Ghost, a new wind is blowing right now’. God shows up and things change. God loves new things, and I love that! He is never stale. He even says yesterday’s anointing will not work for today. God is an ‘Out with the old, in with the new’ kinda person. It’s exciting. So you should never feel like any problem you have is too hard for God. He is up for every challenge. Miracles are such an easy thing for Him to do!


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