#SpankingNew: ‘Beautiful Yahweh’ by Ufedo

What is the meaning of Ufedo?

Enjoy this worshipy samba piece by Ufedo titled ‘Beautiful Yahweh’. I literally took a chance, as I’d never heard this lady sing. I was pleasantly amazed at the loveliness of the track. But then again, I would expect nothing less than awesomeness where it concerns the word ‘Ufedo’ 🙂


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The song starts solemn with digital organ sounds on A minor, a perfect complement to Ufedo’s voice, coupled with panning effects. This song gives off an acoustic vibe at the first chorus. The lyrical style of the verses of this song is spontaneous. The second verse has thumb snaps as the percussive element, while sambaesque drums take over at the second take of the chorus. Ufedo adlibs quite nicely, taking a call and response approach with the back ups. The ambience of this song is spirit filled, with Ufedo exploring the length, breadth, depth and height of her alto range. It is definitely a great addition to your prophetic playlist.

My best part is ‘You no dey fall out of love, no height, no depth can ever separate me from your love’, with the accompanying thrumming bass line echoing Romans 8:35. The song ends with more spontaneous lines.

A lot of the time, it may seem certain things make us feel like our acts or circumstances could separate us from the love of God. But this verse clearly says nothing shall separate us from the love of God. Thus, such thoughts are untrue and should not be allowed a breathing space. We should instead glory in the truth of God’s love. Check out my review of Folabi Nuel’s Nothing can separate my heart here.


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