#Prophetiquette, the Series Episode 11: Discerning Spiritual Abuse

Dear Prophetic People,

I have thought about maybe writing a story to make this piece more audience friendly, but I have not been able to come up with one. But because of the importance of discussions like this, sometimes a matter-of-factly approach might indeed be apposite.

But then again, thinking about the destiny of someone like Bathsheba, no one ever talks about the hardship she may have faced if she considered going against King David’s wishes. If you were born in Naboth’s time, you may have advised him to give up his inheritance to King Ahab. Now, we are in different times. The storylines may have evolved with technology, but the themes are still the same.

Spiritual abuse apparently has lengths and breadths, such that it is not only sexual, but could relate to financial, administrative or just bordering on issues of duress and undue influence.

Abuse is the abnormal use of a thing. According to the Oxford Dictionary, abuse is ‘the use of something in a way that is wrong or harmful’.

Spiritual abuse therefore means the use of spiritual things, which could include platforms and resources in a way that is abnormal, wrong or harmful.

In the wake of the different developments in the local as well as global society, it is very important for every christian to protect him or herself against any form of spiritual abuse.

Abuse brings a lot of issues like trauma, hurt and so many others that have the capacity to interfere with purposes and destinies if not taken care of in a spiritually healthy way.

This article therefore seeks to arm the believer, regardless of your thought process with these 4 tips on how to protect yourself against such misadventures.

1. Soak yourself in the waters of the word
There is nothing like the word of God to make dull any negative teaching or weird situation. As you meditate on the word of God, it truly envelopes you and you would be spiritually empowered to recognise these situations when they come up. As you soak yourself in the word, God will begin to show you things in dreams and visions. Even if you do not dream dreams or see visions, your spiritual senses will he awakened. Yes, sometimes some things may be hidden, but the bible says ‘The Angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him’. If you ask God, He will instruct you. So long as you are following God’s leading, you would be able to avoid such traumatic situations, even if you do not fully understand what they are.

Please find this free list of scriptures, crafted into confessions to help you sharpen your discernment.

2. Do not throw away common sense and logic

If certain things do not add up or seem funny, do not push them to the back of your mind. Even if you are not clear on they are, continue to pray on it and God will give you insight and wisdom. Handling issues of over adulation of individuals one admires could often times put one in a position to be a victim of spiritual abuse, and that is why christians must take personal responsibility for their spiritual growth. Now, this is not to say that one should not have mentors or spiritual people you look up to. Remember that God is the ultimate mentor, so He should guide your mentorship list. Also, talk to God about whatever topics you and your mentor have discussed, and He will give you a grander perspective. Remember that we see in part and we prophesy in part, so it is important for God to be the arbitrar of all things that come into our lives and the doors we open into our lives.

3. Follow God’s instructions when He gives them to you

Sometimes, God may tell you to do unconventional things to avert misadventures that may constitute abuse. Remember that the key to obeying God’s instructions is to be able to aptly discern and understand them in the first place. Thus, it means that your fellowship with God must never be taken for granted.

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4. Speak Out

Speaking out is quite a dicey and controversial approach, especially because if you do not do so at an opportune time, you might just be labelled a victim and maligned etc. Now for a person who may have suffered abuse, that would be like double trauma or something. So, I think that apprehending such a situation even before it happens to you or someone you know would be superb for your holistic well beimg.


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