#Prophetiquette, The Series Episode 10: To Stan or not To Stan?

What does stan mean?

Dear Prophet,

The bible says it is in him we live, we move and have our being. Everything in our lives is supposed to be centred around him. Thus, our values are supposed to be aligned with him. God does not expect us to cover up or support injustice or anything contrary to His word.

Will you ever prophesy something that is contrary to God’s word or will you cover up or put some colouring on something God has clearly said? Will you misapply it or bend it to suit your purpose? There should be a level of objectivity and clarity that comes with being the oracle of God.

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You are first and foremost loyal to God, not man. Remember the story of David and Jonathan. Jonathan recognised  that God was no longer with his father, yet, he still went to war alongside his father and lost his life. You can’t win if you are on the losing side. There is no point seeing dreams and visions if you are going to act contrary to what you have seen. Because if you do, you would be worse off than if you didn’t have a prophetic gift. Prophet beware.

Jesus showed up in the Old Testament as Commander of God’s armies when Joshua asked ‘Are you for us or against us?’, leaving Joshua with nothing but a surrender to God’s instructions. That should be our posture as sons of God. We owe our loyalties to God, such that we are not tilted to the side of humans when God asks us to do something. So that we are not afraid to call out injustice because we are scared to ruffle feathers.

As prophets and as people, we need to be extra careful.

Should you even stan anybody at all, actually?


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