#MusicReview: ‘Go in Your Strength’ by Chevelle Franklyn

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I feel in these times, we need all the strength we can get, with Covid 19, George Floyd and other black humans, the oppression of females with so many incidences of rape and sexual harassment. Honestly, it’s exhausting keeping up with these developments And this song is such a channel for God to pour in new strength into us. I am so grateful for this song, ‘Go in Your Strength’ by Chevelle Franklyn.

The acoustic guitar on B Flat Major makes me feel like I am wading in the waters of strength. The bass line is so delicious, as well as the drums in their entirety. The lyrics are poetic especially the lines ‘We will flourish until the moon is no more’. My favourite line ‘You are everything we need, everything we need, you alone will do’ ministers to me on so many levels because they ring so true. There are so many awesome shades in which Chevelle riffs on the word ‘moon’. After the chorus following the first verse, it feels like the song is about to end, and I am kept in slight suspence because I don’t want it to. Thankfully, it doesn’t. I love the depth and roundness of Chevelle’s vocals. The back ups moce in unison and their oohs are also cool. The drums at the bridge just take me back to Israel Houghton’s rendition of ‘In Jesus Name’, at the lines ‘God is fighting for us, pushing out the darkness…’. It’s a new level of enjoyment! That beat is everything. This song literally catapults me into a remembrance of the joy I already have in Christ. The drum pattern switches again, signalling that this awesome piece is about to end for real.This song is so refreshing.

I figured out why I am not really a fan of the scene of Chevelle as a cleaner singing into the studio mic. It perpetuates a ‘The Help’ stereotype, for the black human (The movie, ‘The Help’ is streaming on Netflix right now, and that might give some insight to this stereotype I am referring to). But I guess everyone is entitled to their um…what is the equivalent of ‘poetic licence’ for videography? Yes, that. I love the green aesthetic of the video, with tinges of black. I also love how live sessions seem to be the kairos of the season these days, and this video follows that trend. That is cool.


Everyone of the qualities listed in the verses of this song is what we need to get through these times. So, in every situation you need it, the qualities of God are there for you. But these things become more real by apprehension, meditation and confession.


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