#MusicReview: ‘Defender’ by Rita Springer

Who is Rita Springer?


Worship takes you away from all manner of rots. You become all fresh and new. ‘Defender’ by Rita Springer has a live feel and does just that.


The piano alone plays a yummy rhythm on G major until after the second verse. At this point, the drums double in tempo. Rita’s vocals have a rockstar chic element to it; quite raw and amazing. The lyrics to this song are golden, poetic and laced with an infectious melody. The phrasing of the syllables make the song really nice. Thunderous back ups accompany Rita Springer at the chorus, and the strings-violins and cellos- and drums pick up even more.

In the second verse, there is a digital bass element that makes the song even more cozy. The growl at ‘All I did was praise’ is amazing. I thoroughly enjoy the strings climaxing. I love the instrumental before the bridge and the strings come alive again after. The drums come in taking the chorus again with the instrumental before the bridge as the underlying melody.

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At the bridge, I can hear the cellos abd then violins, and they make me tremble at the awesomeness of God. At its second take, the drums resume, Rita’s vocals have even more energy. The song ends on a solemn note.


The anointing is strong on this piece. Praise and worship indeed release the anointing. This song shows that sometimes worship is the answer. When you worship, you see God and apprehend him clearly.

I love its message that tells us that we don’t really have to defend ourselves from our enemies, especially when we might feel powerless to do so. God Himself has our backs and defends us and delivers our victory. All we have to do is stay still.

This is not a random, absent minded stillness. It is a stillness that involves listening for God’s instructions.


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