#MusicReview: ‘Defender’ by Francesca Battistelli, with Steffany Gretzinger

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Enjoy a Francesca Battistelli and Steffany Gretzinger’s amazing rendition of ‘Defender’, originally sung by Rita Springer, co-written with Steffany and John Paul Gentile.


The grand piano chords at the beginning of this G major piece give it an amazing acoustic feel, as it accompanies Francesca Battistelli in the first verse. The bass does an incredibly yummy note after the line, ‘All I did was stay still’. Francesca’s hums before and alto back ups at the chorus add a cool element to the chorus, with the drums and lead guitar accompanying.

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The lead, bass guitars and drums come in with Steffany Gretzinger’s timbre, giving another layer of intensity and excitement to this piece. Francesca takes the line ‘All I did was praise’, matching pitch with herself, with a pulsy drum beat that reminds me of ‘Time in Between’ from her ‘My Paper Heart’ album. There is so much emphasis and oomph in the lines ‘So much better your way.’

The chorus drums the second time around remind me of the rhythm of the drums at the bridge of Francesca’s ‘Forever Love’ which brings back so many memories.

The harmony at the bridge is sweet and builds even more intensity, with the hums of the orchestra. The drum beats are in unison with the line ‘You picked up all my pieces, put me back together’ almost like the drums are hailing God for doing just that. At its third inning, the intensity in the chants is glorious, pulsing with percussion and make the track so unforgetable.

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The chorus is taken again with the yummy instrumental melody and the spicy bass. The song ends, with delicious notes from the piano, and vocal harmonies and panning, and finally, only the piano, resting on the theme of stillness in the presence of God.

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