#MusicReview: ‘Fix My Eyes on You’ by Ada Ehi and Sinach

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Apposite for our present times, meditate on and enjoy ‘Fix My Eyes on You’ by Ada Ehi and Sinach.

The melody of this pop ballad is on B minor, and the singers have a take the same verse and chorus. The colourful flavour of the first line of the refrain reminds me of ‘Omemma’. The bridge is also really nice with Ada Ehi and Sinach matching pitch. The digital piano is on the showcase on this piece, as well as other digital instruments. I’m not so in love with the mix, but I absolutely adore the lyrics of this piece. The line ‘The one who walked on water holds my hands’ is such a comfort. A choir comes in in the repetition of the refrain which is nice.

This song speaks of an element of faith-fixing your eyes on the Lord. This is akin to fixing your eyes and your mind on the word, which is done by confessing the word that God has given you. It means that the word should already be so strong in you before any doubt by virtue of any circumstance tries to creep in. Even in these times, you are to place an extreme focus on the finished work of Christ. Every word that God has given you has the capacity for manifestation even in these times.


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