#Prophetiquette The Series, Episode 9: “Where are the Prophets?” Daboomsha Asks

Whare can I get good rap music in Nigeria?


The track ‘Not Perish’ by FA and Daboomsha is in fact discourse, bringing to the fore a lot of questions that christians sometimes ask themselves and/or one another. The one that hit me hard or surprised me was when Daboomsha asked, ‘Who is out there prophesying to this generation bruh?’.

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I think it is really important that we don’t just ask questions, but we endeavour to find these answers in God ourselves. One thing I do know that God honours is a hunger and thirst for Him. Usually, when we ask God for something that we think is missing in our environment, God opens our eyes to see it, or He gives us a hunger to pray for that thing, and in the process God births it or a part of it though us. The truth is that the bible provides that in the last days, ALL will prophesy (Acts 2:17-18). It is not just for a select few. So, the question really is are you prophesying over your own life already? Have you activated the spirit of prophecy over yourself? What are you doing with the prophecies you have already received from God personally? Bt-dubs, there is no special impartation for the spirit of prophecy than when we are baptised in the Holy Spirit. In bible accounts, when the Holy Spirit was poured on people, they spoke in tongues AND prophesied. (Acts 19:6)

How to hear from God


This rap piece starts with samplings from Keith Moore on the subject of real christianity, explaining that Christ is to be the main thrust of our lives, not just an add-on. There is also the sampling and synthesizing of other sounds and pitches, coupled with the bass-y undertones and a chill beat contrasting with the theme of die-hard christianity. Damboomsha further increases gusto when he says, ‘If we are not living for Christ what are we in for?’. I would certainly have appreciated more creamy diction throughout the piece to add more punch, but it’s a great track.

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Activate the spirit of prophecy in an atmosphere of worship and confession of the word. One of my favourite things to do is to declare confessions about being led by the spirit in worship. Also look up scriptures relating to an outpouring of the spirit, confess them in the same atmosphere, and God will show up for you.

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