#MusicReview: ‘Cast Your Cares’ by Guvna B, Featuring Kingdom Choir

Who is Guvna B?

Even in this season, where the Corona virus seems to be throwing apocalyptic vibes, God is right here with us. I still feel him like nothing has changed. God is there in every season of our lives and He gives us strength when we don’t understand. He answers our prayers, even if we have to wait on Him for longer. The Bible says that even though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we do not fear because He is with us. I’m not trying to belittle any pain or loss, but know that God is right there with you, and He will quieten and comfort you with His love. The funny thing is there is always a perfect, albeit complicated explanation for everything. We just don’t know it. But we can cast our cares on the one who does. Enjoy ‘Cast Your Cares’ by Guvna B and Kingdom Choir.

The acoustic piano on B major gives this piece such an awareness vibe; you just know this is good music. Guvna B sings the refrain in a solemn manner, and then the rap follows, echoing the message of casting our cares on God with the same gusto. The lyrics of this song are honest and vulnerable. The choir comes in with a pretty cool vamp that has a soothing effect, and it builds up with adlibs, coinciding with the video character gaining a breakthrough in the boxing ring. The song ends with an acappella from the choir.

I love this video because it does not belittle pain, confusion or despair, but gently explains that God is right there in the midst of it all. I don’t think there is anything more important than the presence of God staying with us in the different seasons of our lives. Christ is our eternal hope, and I love that.


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