#MusicReview: ‘Down To The River’ by Phishaman and Anita Jini

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Something about this piece reminds me of the 1997 Classic Themesong to Men in Black, rendered by Will Smith. This dirty south flavoured rap piece with through-the-fire-Chaka-Kahnesque sampling and panning vibes, ohs from the back ups and great alto vocals by Anita Jini is popping. The instrumental features delicious trumpet notes at the intro, organesque sounds at the rap climax, and high digital piano notes playing  on a a cool beat.

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‘River’ has different theological connotations. It could refer the pool of the globe where we as Christians reach out to people to accept Christ as Lord, raise a certain kind of people, depending on what our assignment is or fulfil some other set mission determined by God. River could also refer to the river of God, meaning the Spirit of God, and like levels, He envolopes you and takes full charge of your life and every move you make, according to the level that you allow the river to flow into your life (as told in the books of Ezekiel and Revelation). The river could be at knee level or you could be completely enveloped in it. Everyone decides how continually baptised they are in
the Spirit of God.

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Long story short, you are not really living until you get into the river of God. And it is only in the river of God that you are empowered to extend the frontiers of God’s Kingdom here on earth. In the river, we receive and sharpen our vision, as well as obtain strength to run with it.

This song points out the fact that life is short, and so we need to spend our time doing worthwhile things-yes, God related things, such that we would be able to look back at our lives and say that we have truly lived.

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