#MusicReview: ‘What a Saviour’ by Hillsong Worship


Hey guys, enjoy Hillsong’s ‘What a Saviour’ from the album ‘Open Heaven, River Wild’, one of my favourite albums.


This song starts with the notes of a digital piano accompanied by a lead guitar. The lead singer’s voice sounds like it has been drenched in the ecstasy that comes with being in the presence of God. The sole back up accompanies the lead in the chorus, with oohs at the end. Single drum beats accompany the voices, heralding a march of the saints in the second verse. The lead guitar is even more alive in the second verse and chorus, and the harmony is tripled by this time. The interlude before the bridge introduces the acoustic guitar. The bridge is even more solemn, and all I can think about are the marvelous things that Jesus did on the cross of calvary for me. With each take of the bridge, another layer of harmony, drums, bass and lead guitar is added, making the song even more glorious. The song ends on an acoustic note.

Enjoy ‘The River’ by Meredith Andrews


This song talks about the depths God went to that we may taste his awesome greatness and presence in our human flesh, that we may fellowship with Him and receive His thoughts. We don’t have to wait to get to heaven before we can feel the awesome presence of God. The sacrifice was immense, and it makes no sense that only a handful of us get to fellowship with Him. When we think of the awesome sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, it should move us to compassion to pray for others to apprehend and enjoy this same grace.


I believe this song gives one a perspective of compassion. When you think of the extent God went to save your soul, I believe one is moved with compassion to pray for the souls of others to be saved. So, this song is a fantastic soul winning tool.

There is also the perspective of being the righteousness of Christ that we all grasp when we give our hearts to Christ. Regardless of who we were before that affirmation of Christ, we are His righteousness, and nothing can change that.


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