#MusicReview: ‘Touch Of Heaven’ by Hillsong Worship


‘Touch of Heaven’ is a call to dive into the presence of God that is heaven on earth!


The acoustics on the grand piano are heavenly. The lead singer’s breathy vocalisation comes in, singing of the sheer awesomeness of the presence of God at the first verse and chorus. There are ohs that follow the chorus, buttering me up for more sweetness in the second verse. The drums come in steadily at the second verse, gain momentum at the vamp, and then come like rain at the second take of the chorus, harmonised by the back up. My very highlight is the bridge taken 3 times, first by the lead singer in the chest register octave, accompanied by the single notes of the piano. The back up then joins an octave higher and then, the lead goes an octave higher at the third take, bringing a magnificent climax to the song. It is like a thunderstorm here. This climax reminds me of ‘Open Heaven, River Wild’ so much, it’s amazing. The instrumentation before the outro is slathered with ‘nahs and dahs’, and then the acoustic piano then ends the piece.

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Honestly, there is nothing greater than being in the presence of God. There is no pleasure that can compare to being in the presence, love and affection of my father. And the thing about it is that it is always better the next time. It is literally heaven on earth. The more you have of God, the more you want. It is like a thirst that can never be quenched but is also quenched by artesian springs at the same time. You are undone, laid bare before God and brought back together. Oh, how wonderful His presence is!


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