#MusicReview: ‘Idi Ebube’ by Tiana Music

who is minister tiana?


Enjoy this igbo folksy tune in its simplicity. It says that God is good and that really is my testimony:) It’s really amazing and pleasantly surprising how God comes through for us in inexplicable ways. Not only that, He comes through even before we realise that we have a need.

Sung on C major, this song starts with steady piano notes that bellow an unwanyanesque melody that makes me smile. Tiana’s adorable voice comes in chiming ‘Idi-Ebube, Chinwe obi mo…idi-ebube, chinasa eperem’, meaning God is good, God owns my heart, God answers my prayers’. The lyrics to this song are really simple, such that a believing heart can digest it completely. The lead singer’s vocals are also accompanied by an acoustic guitar, with the bass guitar following closely. But it’s not heavy enough, so I usually increase the bass on my speakers to give it that extra ‘oomph’. The back ups make traditional sounds as they harmonise the chorus, sounding smart, alert and clear. Tiana Music matches pitch with herself and there’s also some panning effect.

This song ends with a couple of soft piano notes and softer acoustic strums.

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