#Prophetiquette: #MusicReview: ‘Favour Like a Shield’ by Tolu Ijogun

who is Tolu Ijogun?



On this 7th episode of Prophetiquette, The Series, I present to you this prophetic song, ‘Favour Like a Shield’ by Tolu Ijogun. Not only am I pleased with the message of this song, I am also pleased with its jazzy genre.

Savour this simple jazz piece sung on D major, featuring many delicious recourses to the C sharp note, with the piano playing yummy ‘te re do’ notes and chords. There is some pizzicato lurking beneath the piano notes, some cool panning effect with Tolu Ijogun’s vocals, as well as some soft digital violin sounds. Tolu’s voice is soft and light, though a bit exhausted,  and her non-accent also contributes to the universality of the song. Her diction is also chill, reciting purposefully Psalm 5:12, describing how God clothes us with favour.

The feel of this video is as unobtrusive as favour. Every nuance is soft, with a myriad of jazzy facial expressions, conveying the ease of favour. This video consists of aquamarine and plum/purple colours, which add to its softness. It’s almost like I see 3 scenes, with Tolu behind a plant, in the middle of two plants as well as her directly in front of the camera. I also like the vanishing white text, like air bubbles, which makes the video more fun.

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Just like wisdom and wealth are defences in these last days, so also is favour, and you can strengthen that defence prophetically. All you need to do is dig up scriptures relating to favour and confess/pray them under an atmosphere of praise and worship. Also, God might give you an instruction to do something that would trigger favour, but you will most likely know this retrospectively.

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So you need to carry out whatever instruction He gives you. This might sound a bit mechanical, but I do want to emphasise that your relationship with God should be working properly, so it’s not like you are trying to get goodies from God without spending time with Him. It is also important to note that though favour might appear as a garment of ease, it might actually be heavy, especially because our lives are always part of God’s big picture, and so when God gives you favour, it would be attached to your call, requiring certain tasks, constraints and sacrifices.

Ponder upon this.


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