#MusicReview: ‘Anointing’ by Yoma Dodo, Featuring Ayo Vincent


This song is such a present; a rush of the sweet presence and anointing of the Lord’s Spirit. There really isn’t anything like being with God. It’s like starting your day fresh and new, right in the middle of the day, lol.


This song is a fine ambience of universal pop, with trickles of country music in the first verse and the first take of the refrain. The song starts on C major but modulates to D major. The intro is very Whitney Houston-esque, reminding me of the same of ‘Greatest Love of All’, as well as the instrumentation of ‘Count on Me’, featuring Cece Winans. The first verse starts with Yoma Dodo’s soft and vulnerable vocals, smothered in tender vibratos, yearning for and surrendering to the anointing. It is so beautiful as Yoma’s mellifluous voice continues, steady at ‘I feel the anointing, like rain, let it flow’, with the piano slathering arpeggios, and finally climaxes at ‘Let it flow through me’, with the bass guitar sizzling deliciously beneath.

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The repetition of the verse with soft and delicate harmonies by Ayo Vincent is a marvellous addition to the song, as well as the bridge that gets slightly fiery but is never overpowering. I feel like this song is well balanced and well mixed, with an overflow of vocals, spirit and anointing.

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The anointing is the ease with which we serve God and live our daily lives in an extraordinary way. It helps us serve God in ministry, but we need not have a ministry to have the anointing. The anointing makes even our daily lives a breeze, and it could be applied to every area of our lives. We only need to yearn for it, be obedient and surrender. The key is in our surrender.


Do you yearn for the anointing?

Enjoy this amazing present of a song here:)


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