#MusicReview: ‘Arugbo Ojo’ by Chioma Okereke

who is Chioma Okereke?

Sung on E major, this song is a robust serenade of God, His awesome character and ways.

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This song is a myriad of colours including ambience soul, chorale as well as others. Chioma’s vocals come in low, and rich, almost like it’s loaded with spiritual inheritance; one you might need a couple of weeks to unwrap and savour. An acoustic guitar accompanies the first verse, coinciding with Chioma’s voice moving mid range. Drums and other digital sounds come in, adding flavour to the piano accompaniment to the second verse  The back ups also vocalise chorally, responding to the lead singer’s calls with varied dynamics. My favourite moment in this song is at the bridge, when Chioma sings ‘None like you’ softly in many successions. At this point, I ask myself  if I would actually have preferred slightly softer vocals at some other moments, but I guess they are cool all the same. And I do love how personal the lyrics feel. This song has a clean finish, with chimes ending the piece.

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There is something really amazing about God being your God from long ago. It’s always lovely when a person gives their heart to Christ, and heaven rejoices. But that relationship with God should grow richer over time. It is important that we strive to deepen our relationship with God, so that we may thoroughly apprehend the Ancient of Days in all His glory. Get to know him so that you would indeed know His character and never be in doubt as to who He is.

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