#MusicReview: ‘Na Your Way’ by Nosa, featuring Mairo Ese

Nosa na your way


#HeyGuys, enjoy this worship rock piece by ‘Na Your Way’ by Nosa, featuring Mairo Ese


The instrumentation on this song is heavy. It starts with single piano notes, and then gradually calibrates into a percussive avalanche, gaining ground with the lead and bass guitars, and then the whole drum set. I really do enjoy the juxtaposition of rock and pidgin which is quite excellent, actually. This anthem definitely has that hillsong-esque overflow feel. The refrain, ‘Na your way’ gives off a splendid vibe, establishing the wayness (or ‘wayment’, if you like) of God. I love how Nosa ad-libs in pidgin, bringing back yummy flavours from the Open Doors album. The bridge of this song reminds me of the first verse of Francesca Battistelli’s ‘Motion of Mercy’ but with a slightly different rhythm.

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Mairo Ese comes in contrasting the pidgin with a more polished diction, adding a different colour to the song. The back ups also follow suit, making their diction more refined with the rapid beats of the gulvtam, hitting my ears pleasantly like in the movie, ‘Drumline’. I love how Mairo takes ‘You no dey change oh’ an octave higher the third time he sings the bridge.

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I guess this song might meet you at the point of your need if you ever feel let down by God for some reason. But the thing is that even when things do not work out for you the way you want, you should never ever feel (yes, I said ‘feel’) like God doesn’t do miracles or anything like that, because it is not true. This is a lie of the devil, calculated to neutralise your faith. Shake off that feeling with some worship. In worship, you will indeed feel the manifest love of God literally, and it would be more real to you than anything you’ve ever seen. The devil always tries to get to us, by making us doubt God when unpleasant things happen to us. But that which is seen is temporary, for that which is unseen is eternal . And the eternal truth is that God loves us and answers our prayers. He heals the sick and raises the dead. A few times the word, ‘still’ hit my ear wrong because hello, God never stopped doing those things, duh:)

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Hebrews 12:1-2

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