#MusicReview: ‘Hallowed Be Your Name’ by Kenebukky

Who is Kenebukky?


Enjoy this juju gospel track by Kenebukky.


The intro to this rendition on the key of C has a country feel, with acoustic do re mi’s up to soh, with a flute following closely after, with Bukky singing the verse whose lyrics flow with the sweet melody of the song. The juju elements come in at the second take of the verse with a thicker baseline and an inclusion of the talking drum. I love the 2 hits  from the drums before “Hallowed Be Your Name”, the chorus comes in.

The back ups take the verse again with nice harmonies and there is an infusion of ad libs from Bukky in her own voice, giving a nice panning effect. Bukky’s rich alto voice plunges many depths making this piece truly delightful.

There are a couple of solid renditions in Yoruba adding even more richness to the song.

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My best part in this song though is the bridge that says, ‘For your name is a strong tower’, with each line flowing into the next, like a yummy paddle. I further enjoy the drum breaks when the chorus is sung again. Lastly, I love when Bukky says ‘Hallowed be your name, be your name’ in rapid successions, giving a nice jivey feel to the song.


Worship is indeed a beautiful thing, and there is nothing like praising and worshiping God nonstop. Praise flows when you spend time in God’s marvellous presence and are able to observe and appreciate all the wonderful things God has ever done for you. If worship is ever an issue for you, it is something you can take to God in prayer.


Spend 30 minutes worshipping God today.

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