#Throwback: ‘I Worship You, Great I Am’ by Sinach


I heard this song in law school and it was my staple for quite a while. But for some reason, I had not listened to it in years. I’ve been listening to some of Sinach’s other songs lately, but I heard myself say, ‘Oh, I need to listen to this song’. The awesomeness of this song is sheer, I tell you.

Check out Jehovah Ebenezer by Onos


Sung on C major, Sinach comes in this live performance after the digital piano and drums, calling our God His magnificent names, singing the verse and the chorus alone and in unison with the back ups and audience, with the liquid presence of God paddling like a canoe and enveloping the listener with every line. When you listen to this song without the video, you just hear the chorus as soft, hearty wails of people who recognise the awesomeness of this God that we serve. I don’t think there’s a greater definition of passion for God than this.

Check out Yhwh by Ernieola here


Just thinking about this song makes me cry. I think it’s the vulnerability of this song that gets me. I just know that I find no greater pleasure than lifting my hands to worship my God. The words of this song say, ‘I worship you great I am, for you are the strong and breasted one’. This name of God is El Shaddai, and it’s about God, who is our sustainer and our strength. It is so remarkable that this great and powerful God who is so many things wraps His arms around me and smothers me with His love at all times and in all places. I just have to lift my hands and recognise Him for who He is; that’s all. In fact, the more you worship God, the more you know who He is, and the more you find joy in that knowledge.


Which one of God’s names is your favourite?

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