#MusicReview: ‘Wind of the Spirit’ by Isabella Melodie

who is isabella melodie?

Enjoy this review of ‘Wind of the Spirit’ by Isabella Melodie.


This is a solemn song accompanied by the digital piano and organ, violins and cymbals. There is also a simulation of bird and wind sounds that set a lot of tone for the theme of this piece. The verses of this song are in a hymn-esque style. I love the emphasis on the consonant ‘b’ in ‘Wind of the Spirit, blow’, because it emphasises the fact that the Holy Spirit comes in his fullness only where He is wanted. There is also a modulation at the igbo rendition of this verse, which also features the ogene and some lead guitar, as well as bassy sounds.

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The intros and outros of this song mention ‘paraclete’ and ‘parakletos’, both referring to the Holy Spirit, who as our ‘Advocate’ and ‘Helper’ is beside us to help us become all that God has created us to be. This is really the pivot of this anthem rendered in English and Igbo. The Bible explains that the God will reveal His ways to us if we ask, so we need not be afraid of the Spirit. Instead we should embrace him and all the help he provides. The Holy Spirit is indeed supposed to be a part of our daily, hourly and secondly lives. We should love every minute of fellowship with Him.


Ask yourself this: When was the last time you fellowshipped with the Spirit?

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