#SongOfTheMoment: “YHWH ” by Ernieola

Who is Ernieola


Hey guys, check out this worship rendition by Ernieola on D Major that gets me on a high.


This song starts with soccer-esque ‘ohs’ on a poppy beat, streaming down the awesomeness of God’s presence. Ernieola’s vocals, earthy like firewood working the yummy meal of an amazing melody, and raspy like a cool drink, start this song. Her voice is accompanied by a piano, then drums that reach a climax at “Yhwh”. Ernie gives a tinge of Lawrence Flowers from ‘More” when she sings the line ‘You are timeless, ageless and unchanging’.

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Worship ignites like a rocket ready for lift off at the second verse, and the back ups go an octave higher at its second inning. The ohs continue as Ernieola goes indigenous at the bridge, featuring an adulation of the Most High God in the richness of Yoruba. I love how she draws the words ‘Ogbon, Oye, Olorun Mimo’, showcasing her unique inflections that were present even in the verses where her diction was more American styled.

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I love how the verses and the bridge have unique melody lines. The softness of the back ups contrast with Ernie’s vocal dexterity throughout the song.


I love the fact that this song is all about worshipping God intelligently, and you feel the presence of God wash over you as you listen. You realise that the more you know God, the more astounded you feel when you worship him because you have more words you can say to him, more names you can call him and more detailed descriptions of his magnificence to you in times past and present. Oh what an amazing testimony!

What’s your Song of the Moment?

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