#Throwback: ‘Taka Sufe’ by Nikki Laoye, Featuring Rooftop Mcs and Rap2Sai

Who is Nikki Laoye?

#HellurrGuys! Enjoy this throwback review of ‘Taka Sufe’ by Nikki Laoye, featuring Rooftop Mcs and Rap2Sai.


Nikki Laoye was my jam machine for Christian awesomeness back in the day. ‘Never Felt This Way Before’ was literally my all time favourite worship song, and this track just brings back the nostalgia of loving God and that giddy feeling of giving my all to him back when I didn’t even know so much. The realness in this track is always so refreshing. I still remember when Nikki Laoye performed this song at my uni fellowship and we all chimed in unison, with great zeal for Jesus. There really is nothing like a genuine love for God! This throwback is basically a call to a remembrance of a simple and unassuming love for God, a love ready to do it all for the Creator.

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Enjoy elements of Nigerianness-tinges of yoruba and broken-on a smokin’ trap beat, with happy shrieks, whistles, pants and enthusiastic ‘ehs’. Of course, my favourite line most definitely is  ‘The most fly gives props to the Most High’. And the line ‘When I sense He’s close by,  I just spit flows like I’m so just so high’ exemplifies the river that flows through you when you are constantly in the presence of God: you literally get inspiration for everything, your creativity is en pointe and you have all manner of praise worthy ideas. The fact is that the presence of God is the inspiration for all we do as christians, and as humans really.  I also love the fact that this rap explains that you can come as you are to worship God, with absolutely no need to ‘form butty’; just respond naturally to his presence and how much He loves you.

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This is for you newbie Christian. Enjoy your newness in Christ. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to wanna see visions and dream dreams, carry mantles etc. There’s nothing wrong with those things. But there’s something so special about basking in the love of God without having to listen to God for someone else or to carry another’s burdens. God is your first love and your relationship with Him is the most important thing ever. Of course, there will be time for mantles and assignments, and you should hunger for those things. But you don’t have to be in a hurry, or wanna try to prove any kind of spiritual levels. Lol.. Enjoy where you are on the way to where you are going.


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