#Throwback: ‘Oh Holy Place’ by Cece Winans || What’s Your Favourite Cece Winans’ Song?

Who is Cece Winans?


#Checckit, it’s a throwback to my uni days, cruising to and from school, jamming to Cece Winans’ records from the ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ album. This amazing album is so special to me, with super cool songs like ‘Worthy’, ‘Million Miles’, ‘The Test of Time’ and ‘Bless The Lord Oh My Soul’.

Certain portions of the bible are so visual and inspirational that I was teleported to the awesomeness of this song, ‘Oh Holy Place’ by Cece Winans. I’m pretty sure this rendition was borne out of an ‘In the year King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord’ type vision.


This song takes me to such a beautiful place. Sung on E major this ballad is the perfect animation soundtrack. There’s a beautiful piano, violins and brass instruments accompanying Cece Winans’ angelic voice, that starts out soft and raspy, growing more robust at ‘And appearing before my eyes, I see the glory, too glorious to describe’. I’m completely blown away by the line ‘Pure rivers flow from your throne’.

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She modulates at ‘All the splendour…’, accompanied by soft ooh of the back ups, that become more vocal but still pianissimo at the chorus. This song has no bridge. It’s quite quick, so I play it over and over again to relieve the dopamine experience.

I love songs like these that talk about the sheer awesomeness of God’s presence. Heaven is gonna be so glorious. I know we are already seated in heavenly places, but I honestly cannot wait to be there for real.

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There’s nothing more awesome than the presence of God, that always brings with it visions and so many other goodies.  God’s presence is so overwhelming, it’s my happy place. I’ve  tasted so much of God and I’m forever in awe of his majesty, love and grace, but it does not make you any less important or less spiritual than I am if you just gave your life to Christ yesterday or just now. You have the same access to his majesty and glory because we are all joint heirs with Christ. So never feel out of place because you have not experienced the greatness of God that others have. Welcome to the family of God! Enjoy His grace and mercy unlimited.

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