#MusicReview: “Jehovah Daalu” by Pat Uwaje King

Who sang AIT themesong?


For the first time ever, Emphatic Dynamo features music from Pat Uwaje King, legendary singer from Midnight Crew, as well as a singer who has produced solo records of her own. Known for her strong vocals and the indigenous flavour she adds to her tracks, you’re guaranteed to enjoy her latest rendition, “Jehovah Daalu”.



I would call this genre a fusion of soul, rock and worship. Sung on A major, this song is a marvelous piece of heaven. I love the trumpet infusions, the electric guitar deliciousness and the worshippy rock feel from the drums. The delicious ‘fe’ notes, give me the Asa vibe from ‘Eye Adaba’.  But instead of the primary instruments being the acoustic guitar, violin and flute, we have the drums, guitar and trumpet.

 The back ups are super cool, with the lead singer giving a unique Delta Igbo dialect infused in the beautiful, recurrent melody line.

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I love the message of the song, which is to give thanks to the one who is actively present in our lives. This song lets me get to that place of surrender in worship. One of our primary callings as christians is to worship God in spirit and in truth. And the closer you get to God, the more you feel like worshipping. Worship is  an art, and a beautiful one at that. Worship is your response to the presence of God, so it is only natural that when you spend more time with God you worship Him more.



If you ever have issues worshipping, it’s nothing that a little prayer and confession cannot fix. Ask God to help you worship him in spirit and in truth. Ask him to make you a true worshipper. You could also make a confession out of it. Say “I worship God in spirit and in truth. I am a true worshipper”. In addition, listen to this song many times:)


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