#Prophetiquette The Series, Episode 6: Dear Mrs WOK, Learn not to say Too Much.

Prophecy or etiquette

Hey everyone, on the 6th Episode of #Prophetiquette, The Series, we’ll be talking a bit about Word of Knowledge (WOK). The phrase Mrs WOK is just a slightly facetious expression ( another e.g. could be Mr Do Good-lol) to describe someone that might be too excited about their WOK, and I thought it’d be a humorous addition to the blog caption.


Word of knowledge is a certain knowledge/revelation over another person, situation, event, country or any living or dead thing or even a phenomenon. According to Lester Sumrall, “In the Gift of the Word of Knowledge, God reveals to one of His servants something which now exists or did exist on the earth. This must be something which that servant could not know naturally.”

With giftings like Word of Knowledge (WOK), it is imperative that discretion be maintained. One must be careful with the way and manner in which such information is dispensed.

Pause calmly and do not be overcome by the information download. At the Lagos Prophetic Conference, Apostle Tomi Arayomi talked about constantly weighing what you think you hear in the spirit realm and properly discerning what to say. Now when you are so accurate, you might begin to say stuff and not know that you even heard anything.

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I remember a Mount Zion movie, ‘Just A Little Sin’, where this single lady was a singer and she sort of had unholy intimate affair which left her pregnant. Thinking she had no choice she went and had an abortion which resulted in complication. She immediately knew she was going to die. But there was this prophet who was there who also said it by the spirit, by her hospital bed. He was so shocked that she was going to die because he clasped his mouth incredulously. This is the kind of Word of Knowledge (WOK)  I’m talking about.

I guess you could say it was prophecy as well because it was telling what was about to come. But the quintessential WOK could also be like that. Bt-dubs, in my mind, WOK and prophecy are like species of the same thing. Just like a website and a blog-they are sort of the same thing or similar.

Usually, WOK is given to you to pray about certain things before they happen. It’s not really supposed to be for you to boast about you insider knowledge. And another thing is you may not be close to the affected person, so there may be no basis for telling them.

Another example is if you get a WOK that someone is supposed to get a promotion or something, and you tell them too soon, they might sabotage their promotion or something. Remember: the spirit of the prophet is always subject to the prophet, so it means that you do have control over what you say.

There are so many times that we could get a word of knowledge about something we may not be able to do anything about, e.g. about Nigeria, and even when we pray, on the outside, it may seem like nothing is happening, but that is the beauty and effectiveness of prayer: we move at the direction and instruction of the Holy Spirit, and not by how we feel.

This is why it might be best not to say anything but focus on praying about it, and gaining clarity on the purpose of the WOK. There are so many scriptures about prayer, and I particularly love this one: “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” (James 15:16)


Tips on how to pray when you have a word of knowledge over anything:

1.  Pray that the will of God be done in that situation. There are so many scriptures in this area (e.g Romans 12:2, Psalm 32: 7-8) Practically: say the following:

a. I have been able to discern the good, pleasing and perfect will of God over this situation

b. God has instructed me in the way that I should go and He has counselled me with his eye upon me over this situation

2. Speak prophetically over the situation (e.g Hebrews 10:7, John 1: 14) Practically, say:

a. In the volume of the books, it was written about so and so

3. Instructions will come from that point, and you would know the next step to take

b. Even as the word became flesh, the solution to so and so issue became flesh

Stay Blessed.


Ps: lol, I know under normal blogging circumstances, the next thing would be to ask about your personal experiences in this area, but really, such things are sacred that God has trusted you with, and you are not supposed to randomly share such information.

*Disclaimer: the analogies in this article do not in any way refer to the author.

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