#AlbumReview: ‘Lavish’ by Tribe Music || What Are Your Favourite Tracks from the Lavish Album?

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Tribe Music is a christian music collective I discovered when I went for
the Lagos Prophetic Conference earlier this year. This is one amazing gift, I tell you.

This album showcases different themes such as the excellency of the presence of God, the greatness of His love, mercy etc. I don’t think there’s anything cooler than hanging out with someone who really loves you, and this album does this for me. The genres of this album include country, indie folk, rock, pop rock,pop etc.

Tribe Music hit the goal with this album. I think that if you ask a singer how they wanna sound, it would be something akin to how Tribe Music sounds on this album. Tribe Music hit the nail, like finally getting a hairdresser that pulls off the full fringe that makes you look stunning. It’s not a caricature of a fringe; It’s an excellent fringe. Tribe Music is the full fringe.

It was quite tough to decide my favourite song; I juggled Edez’s ‘Love Like You’, Olla’s ‘There’s no Coming Back’ , Cill’s ‘Sweet Perfume’, Phrance and Nana Aisha’s ‘So Beautiful’ but when I finally got to ‘Lavish’, the decision was made for me.

My personal conclusion is that I cannot wait for heaven, and the presence of God is all I need. God’s love is unrelenting, and we can have a piece of heaven on earth. In His presence is so much love, acceptance, mercy, awesomeness, esteem, victory; so much good. And the fact that He died for us is a constant reminder of His amazing bounty that never ends.

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I log on to my Spotify to enjoy the 14 songs of awesomeness that Tribe Music gifted me. The glory of the presence of God enough to make me cry is poured in from the get go. ‘Nailed to the Tree‘ reminds me of Hillsong’s For God So Loved-a faster version of it, and  ‘The Answer‘ is a nice acoustic piece.

Have you ever hear a song that you loved so much, you wish you wrote it? I felt that way  about Francesca Battistelli’s ‘Forever Love’. Now I feel that way about this yummy song that feels like fresh water, ‘Sweet Perfume‘. It’s like I know some of the notes of this piece so well. The line ‘I lift my voice’ reminds me of Nikki Laoye’s ‘Iwo nikan’ in ‘Only You’. Also, the line ‘Beyond Compare’ reminds me of this churchy chorus, ‘You are my God’.

 ‘Infallible‘ is such a happy pop song that makes me smile, I legit thought it was an American song. It’s almost like finding new love that is so awesome. That is exactly what God’s love is; it is truly the greatest and surpasses anything that we could  ever experience. ‘New Me‘ also has that American feel, especially at the bridge which is sung with multiple voices in unison.

Calvary‘ is such a happy jingle with a fantastic growl from Diazno reminding me of Cohbams, and celebrating what Jesus did at Calvary.

Love Like You‘, the acoustic rendition with lovely strings has my heart. It reminds me of  Nigerian rock musicians of the early 2000s like Djinee . There’s something about songs that show how much we want to do things like God, especially in the way that He loves. I love that about this song.

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Last Name‘ by Olla, soulful and mature, is a quality pop piece with an infusion of violins. Moses Okoli’s ‘Your Mercy‘ is really cool, with a nuanced way of drawing  each syllable.

Lavish‘ by Diazno, a country piece sung on D major is indeed the best saved for last, like a gentle slow walk march past. The violins, the guitars and the calm drums are so soothing. This song has themes of mercy, love, and grace doused in beautiful paradoxes ‘…unrepentant, your forgiveness, unrelenting in your mercy…unremorseful in absolution, unrepentant in forgiveness.’
It is such a masterpiece, with the writer’s hymn-esque approach to songwriting. I am reminded of the 2nd verse of ‘Amazing Grace’ that says ‘Twas grace that taught my heart to fear’ pondering over the lyrics of this piece. The arrangement of the song is quite advanced, mature and slightly Cobham-esque in structure.  I love the imagery the words portray, especially in the lines ‘ Now I stand a victor in the war you won for me’ and ‘I’m bowed in wonder, left in awe of the love, the love you gave so lavish’.

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 I had slight issues as to whether I would have preferred the adverb version of the word lavish (yeah, language loving problems), but that was totally inconsequential to the awesomeness of the track.

I think I can safely say that ‘Lavish’ is my best album of 2018.

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Bt-dubs guys…please could you tell me if you can actually play the Lavish album on the Spotify link I put in this post? Gracias.

Y’all listen to this album and tell me your feels.

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