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How do I get to the Experience


Hey guys, it’s been a hot minute. I have been pondering over a few things like how music is so important to God. It is a means by which He communicates with us. More importantly, it is an opportunity for us as christians to accord our God the honour He truly deserves. Gospel music ministry is super important because every minister is an outlet for God to speak to you. Imagine praying about an issue for months, and then you are under a ministration, and God just speaks the word in season to you. It’s so magical; it’s so beautiful.

This is why The Experience will always be one of my happy places:) God always speaks and His presence is so abundant. It is literally heaven on earth. I’d just like to encourage my lovely readers to avail yourselves of opportunities to worship God and receive from him. An important thing to note when you worship is to prophesy (confess) those words that you receive back into your life. It’s not enough to feel super chill with the words that resonate with you or the words that you receive from God. You must appropriate them to yourself and make that word a reality in your life by confessing it. 

#Throwback: The Experience and The Etiquette 


It was an evening of enjoying the particularly enveloping presence and power of the Holy Spirit. Oyel Madam, Onos Ariyo gave it to God with ‘Alagbara’, and I enjoyed the soothing renditions of the Planet Shakers. With them, I feel like Hillsong is closer to The Experience stage than ever before. Honestly, these last days on earth are the littest! And I can’t wait for Heaven!

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One highlight for me was Vicki Yohe. I just connected with her music. It really was not not the genre or anything, (which was pop rock lol). The presence of God was just heavy. This is what ministry is about: being the harbinger of God’s presence; bringing heaven to earth with your worship. There’s nothing better than having the Holy Spirit move on your behalf.

The comedy skit by Kenny Black was also cool, featuring the Chioma Jesus/Tasha Cobbs one. I’m curious to see how I’d recognise and associate music from Chioma Jesus now and how the memories would start to connect.

Nathaniel Bassey was also super cool, from the very first song, You are God from Beginning to the end. There were so many lovely transitions. I think my favourite song would always be Olowogbogboro. Check out my review of the song here. 

Donnie McClurkin ministered classics with the refreshing spirit of God. I was inspired by the fact that God’s Jubilee can be constant in our lives, and when He went ‘Great is your mercy towards me’, I just had it. We moved to riveting worship at ‘Only You Are Holy’. Words cannot express the amazingness of those depths. 

What were your highlights from The Experience?

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